You have heard the line "Lights, Camera, Action", right? We ask, "What about the Sound?" Why isn't sound included in that line? Isn't sound important? Have you ever had to hit mute on your remote control and watch an emotional scene in a movie? It loses all it's power. A quality still picture can stand alone to tell a story but add music to a slide-show and it's 1000% better. Moving pictures are powerless without quality audio.

I have always believed that sound is the most important element in telling "the story". It is no wonder that there are entire departments in quality production organizations that are dedicated only to producing quality audio and music. It has always been puzzling to me why some of our film interns who have graduated with a degree in film know so little about recording quality audio. We've also noticed that some of the smaller production companies we come across are very proficient with their graphic design, animation and camera movement but lack quality sound in their produced pieces.

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